Principal's Desk

Dear Students,

It is my message to all that school is the place where we interact first time with the world, a period of joy healthy competition, fear, adjustment, sharing of emotion and love. It is not only wide open space, classroom the library, laboratories and fields where we study and play only but also, it is the heart of the students and staffs. It is the place where, the children get all-round development, here the children do not grow only in size and knowledge but also in curiosity, courage, patience, understanding because educational institution take care of all aspects of development of children to shape them into empowered citizen of the future. Children are like buds in a garden and teachers are gardener who nurture these all lovingly buds (children) as they are the future of the nation and citizen of tomorrow. No subject is of greater importance than that of education. I am sure that my school would continue to make significant contribution in education for the students in such a manner that they can the future challenges boldly in their life.
I have faith in my staffs dedication and hardwork which would lead the school towards greater heights of glory.


(Principal, Rainbow Public School)