Personality Development

A school is considered as the second home of a child. It is rightly said that the personality of children depends on the way parents deal with them. But this is the half-truth. The personality of a child also depends on his/her involvement in school activities. School is not only meant for imparting education, but it is responsible to shape the personality and character of a student.
The students who are encouraged to merely focus on academics are dumb and under confident. Students can never be trained to beat the competition of the real world only by imparting bookish knowledge. Along with education, personality development holds significance to run in the race of life.
A personality is a group of qualities that makes a person different from others. Development of such qualities is called personality development. Our school focuses on both the academics as well as the extracurricular activities to enhance the thinking ability of students, which in turn, develops their personality. Samford International Academy understands its role of molding the future generation. Being considered among the best schools in Jharkhand, it aims at the physical, mental and spiritual development of students. The school develops the personality of its student through various activities.