1.The school follows the proposal of CBSE with regard to examinations.
2.Promotions will be decided on the overall average performance of the student throughout the year. Only those students securing minimum 40%marks in all subjects are eligible for promotions to next standard.
3. No Re-tests / Examinations shall be conducted in case student remains absent due to any reason without application and will be considered "FAIL".
4.The result of the examination is final and will not be reconsidered.
5.Progress reports are sent to the parents after the completion of each examination. Parents should sign the report card and return them to the school within a week.
6.All the pupils are required to attend classes regularly. If the attendance is less than 75% they will not be permitted for terminal examination and will be marked absent for the same in progress report.
7. Students using unfair means in the examination will be awarded zero for that paper. Use of unfair means in the examination disqualifies on from getting promoted to the next class.